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Discover Verona

Discover Verona:

How many times have you been in an Art City and you was wondering what that monument was build for? How and why it exists? How many times have you been in a city and you wished to know the History behind it but you had no time to organise a guided Tour?

Verona is a splendid city of art, wrapped in a story with Roman ruins, Austrian and medieval remains. Throughout the city you can see all the history among the buildings, squares and churches.We think that Verona is a absolutely beautiful city, one which is really worth knowing to appreciate the history and art.

Which is why we offer to all of our guests the opportunity to have their own tour guide to discover Verona, experience the city and all of its culture. You can relive the Scaligera Dynasy which were living in Castelvecchio, governing over the people of Verona and protecting them.

Together with your tour guide you can really understand the way of life and why millions of visiters come to this wonderful city every year.

The tour guide will take you themselves to all of the attractions in the city, the visit can be organised for a group of people or just for an individual. You can choose between an hour tour or a two hour tour of the city.

The top attractions in Verona: the Arena, Piazza Bra, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Signori, il balcone di Romeo and Giulietta, the grave of Giulietta, the Museum of Castelvecchio, Ponte Pietra and all the interesting churches around Verona.

A city like Verona with such a rich history, deserve to be studied and appreciated.

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  • Your Stay in Gallery Room;
  • Guided tour through the centre;
  • Map of the town;


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